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Originally from Denmark, I have spent most of my life abroad; from Switzerland, Germany, to the UK, and France. I speak 4 languages (Danish, English, French and German), and even though I have been exposed to many different cultures, my Scandinavian work ethic has always been an integral part of my identity.


In 2016, I decided to settle on the stunning French Riviera, where I worked in administration before moving on to become a Yacht Agent. My role involved delivering bespoke concierge services to Superyachts, crew members, and owners -a career that ignited my passion for helping others and making a tangible difference in their daily lives.


 in 2022, I took a leap of faith and established my own business.

I am committed to providing unparalleled administrative and concierge services to my clients. Regardless of whether you are launching a new venture, running an existing business, or expanding, I am your go-to source for all things related to administrative and concierge services.

As your trusted partner, your interests are always my top priority, and I will go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the outcomes you need. If you are interested in learning more about my services, please do contact me. I look forward to taking on new challenges and making a positive impact in your life.

Maria Levin

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